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How long is a card is likely to last once it’s issued?

The ISO/IEC 24789 Card Service Life Standard evaluation regime sees how your cards measure up against current card industry expectations.

Find out if your cards will last until their expiry date

Along with providing specialised Certification and Technical Audit services to the financial, transit and Identification industries, CTI are industry experts in card and token quality and durability matters! Our laboratory has amounted a wealth of knowledge over the past 20+ years by performing scientific studies for international bodies EMVCo, VISA, MasterCard, ISO, ANSI, DIN, ASTM to assist in development and to qualify standards. Our experts regularly contribute to the design and revision of these internationally recognised standards to improve the usability and comprehensiveness of the tests that our cards are currently tested to and will be tested to in the future.

With this history of expertise, CTI's experts in card quality continue to offer the most comprehensive capability and understanding of independent card and token testing to a diverse range of markets worldwide. This places our lab in a confident position to fulfil your quality review needs now, and in the future.

With the wide range of testing services CTI offers from our ISO/IEC 17025 lab, we can help you at every stage in of your products life cycle!