Static discharges of electricity, while fun for pranks, are no joke when it comes to the continued functionality of the integrated circuits built into almost all modern cards. People build up a significant amount of static during everyday activities and a dry environment can promote this static charge. With the prevalence of air conditioning in homes and businesses, dry air conditions are not just confined to countries and regions with such weather conditions. As such ensuring your cards comply with the ISO 7810 Amd 1 requirements for static electricity is important.

Both contact chip interfaces and proximity/contactless technologies are affected by static discharges and both will need to be tested for in the cards that combine these technologies. Electric static discharges can be very powerful and the ISO standard emulates this with the requirement that contactless test cards continue to operate normally after undergoing 20 shocks of 6 kV. CTI offers testing to ensure your card comply with the standards required by ISO for static electricity.

We will check that your cards meet the requirements as specified by ISO 7810 Amd 1 following the methods set out in ISO 10373-1 Amd 1, which CTI is accredited to perform. So if you need to be assured that your cards are built to industry best standards then please contact CTI about how we can setup a testing plan for you.