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About Us

CTI is one of the few independent card testing laboratories in the world capable of testing cards to internationally recognised standards (eg ISO and MC CQM). Certified to ISO 17025 , the worldwide recognised standard for competence of testing laboratories, you can be assured of our capability. References from existing clients are available on request.

In addition to individual card tests, we have developed a number of successful services that cater for specific stages of card production and use. Additional details are available on request.

The importance of delivering a reliable card product (a card product that words " first and every time") is a vital component in maintaining a healthy issuer/client relationship. Our 25+ years in the industry and successful partnerships provide you assurance that your cards are with the most knowledgeable card experts in the world.

Field studies conducted in the early 1990's by ourselves and major credit card issuers in the USA, investigated causes of read failure in the field, proving that card problems were a major factor:

Field Test Results - Low Coercivity Cards

As Presented at CardTech/SecureTech Conference - USA, April '94

  VISA® MasterCard® Card Testing International
Total Failures (%) 3.76% 4.40% -
Failures by Category (%)      
Demagnetisation 63 60 48
Card Abuse 23 18 18
Improper Encoding 12 - 10
Unidentified 2 22* 24*

Company Details

Registered Address: Card Testing International, Level 4, 105 High Street, Lower Hutt, NEW ZEALAND

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