About Us

Card Testing International is an independent ISO/IEC 17025 Card Testing Laboratory- testing cards for over 25 years. With the capability of our lab, we test your cards, providing unbiased quality assurance checks on card/token technology and products for financial, transport and identification industries.

Our technical auditing and reporting services, including batch acceptance and QC/QA before payment, lets you know how your product measures up to industry standards and potential field performance. We deliver test reports along with our expert analysis and interpretation, so you can move forward with your product in the right way. 
Whether you have occasional card problems brought to your attention by your customers, or are experiencing more frequent card re-issuance than anticipated, Card Testing International can help. Have a look at the wide range of testing services we offer - we can help you at every stage in the life cycle of card issue!

What We Test Accreditation & Expertise

ISO/IEC 17025 is the Standard governing the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, and is known worldwide throughout all industries (not just card testing). It builds upon the framework of the ISO 9001 Quality system, but focuses on the detail needed for testing laboratories and the competence of its staff. In short, you are assured that Card Testing International’s (CTI’s) staff are proficient in what they do, and our processes and procedures use are scientifically best practice.
With CTI being an ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratory, you are assured that the tests we perform on your cards show results that are accurate, and that our reporting remains unbiased at all times. CTI uses an independent accreditation body that is globally recognised. Such accreditation bodies are in their own right subject to scrutiny. This ensures their annual audit on CTI is conducted to the highest standards, resulting in a reliable assessment of our organisation and its capabilities. Ultimately this gives CTI’s customers total confidence in our test results & reporting.
Demonstrating CTI's Competence to You
By operating according to ISO/IEC 17025, CTI:
·         Is audited by an independent accreditation body
·         Is certified as being unbiased and without conflicts of interest
·         Has effective processes and operating procedures in place
·         Operates test equipment with traceable calibration to International Standards using members belonging to the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)
·         Uses statistical methods to establish a 95% confidence interval for measurement uncertainties specified in its validated tests
·         Has tight environmental control operating at 230C, 50% Relative Humidity – the default test environment specified by ISO
CTI Is Committed To Providing a Quality Service
Other labs may provide card testing, but may not operate under 'fair' conditions – are they:
·         Competent enough to provide repeatable and accurate results?
·         Unbiased in their reporting?
·         Affected by a conflict of interest from direct business relationships with manufacturing processes?
·         Using testing as a side agenda in order to cross sell test equipment?
·         Performing testing in a temperature & humidity controlled environment and precisely to all other ISO requirements?
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Remember, CTI has no vested interest in whether your cards pass or fail – we just let the accuracy of the science speak for itself!