CTI will be attending the ISO/IEC WG1 Card Experts meeting held in Menlo Park immediately after the Delamination Development meeting to discuss ongoing development of ID Card Standards with other industry experts. WG1 primarily focuses on Magnetic Stripe, Personalization, Physical Characteristics, Card Durability as well as the associated Test Methods for Cards and Passports.

The latest developments to be discussed include the addition of several ANSI/INCITS 322 Durability tests to the Card Service Life Test Methods ISO/IEC 24789-2 and how to include 'Dynamic' Magnetic Stripes into the current ISO/IEC 7811 series of standards.

CTI's CTO Steve DeDera stated "Dynamic Magnetic Stripe technology emulates a physical Magnetic Stripe made of Barium or Iron Ferrite (conventional Magnetic Stripes). However, there are physical constraints specified in the existing ISO/IEC 7811-2 and 6 standards that are simply not applicable to this new technology. How and what the working group includes into the standards will be of great interest for the manufacturers of Emulated Magnetic Stripe cards and also to manufacturers of Magnetic Stripe Readers. Manufacturers of readers wishing to be fully compatible with the technology would need to take the changes to the ISO/IEC standards into consideration when designing readers."

Please contact CTI using our contact page if you would like more information on these developments.