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Card Testing Services

CTI can help with independent testing of your card product at every stage of the project:

Card Design Reviews - get your card design right at the start, to avoid problems later!
CTI's Card Design Reviews help to steer your Marketing Team in the right direction so that your cards are more likely to meet ISO Standards. Read More...

Blank Card Stock Testing - your first step to ensure a quality card product.
CTI can test your cards prior to issue. With our help, you'll be able to see if your cards comply with ISO Standards and also how they stand up to Durability testing. Read More...

Card Service Life - will your cards last until their expiry date?
The ISO/IEC 24789 Card Service Life Standard aims to answer the question, “is a card fit for purpose, and will it last it's period of issuance?” CTI offers evaluation regimes suited to the card technology & application a card is intended to be used in. Read More...

Personalised Card Testing - make sure your customers cards work reliably once issued.
CTI can receive personalised cards in the same way that your customers do. We test the cards to see if data complies to the ISO Standards, and check that they work reliably. Read More...

Remote Instant Issue Testing - keep your Branch Personalisation hardware running at it's optimum.
Using CTI's Instant Issue Testing Programme, you can you be sure that the devices used to place a PIN on your Customers cards are working at their optimum. Read More...

Problem Analysis - understand where the problems lie with your cards.
Got a problem with your cards? Let CTI help you understand the reason(s) why! We aim to pinpoint the problem, be it the card token itself, Manufacturers Encoding, problems created following the PIN'ing process, or other field effects. Read More...

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