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CTI Are Specialists In Quality Testing of Credit and Identification Cards Card Testing International

Who Are CTI?

CTI is an independent card testing laboratory, one of very few in the world. Our lab offers the largest range of card tests for worldwide card Issuers & Manufacturers. We are not involved in selling card equipment or cards, we just test them.  Read More...

What Does CTI Do?

We offer worldwide ISO/IEC 17025 accredited quality assurance testing to certify and prevent issuance of poorly performing financial / transport / ID cards. Our goal is to make sure that your cards work worldwide, first time & every time!   Read More...

Why Test?

Issuing reliable card products with industry leading quality control is vital to maintaining good customer relationships and preventing costly re-issuing of cards. In days past, card quality was overlooked as a minor issue, being that it was only a low value plastic token, but is no longer the case with newer IC and EMV technologies.   Read More...

Browse our wide range of services - CTI can independently test your card product at all stages. Our 25+ years in the industry and successful partnerships provide assurance that your cards are with the most knowledgeable card experts in the world.


CTI Are Specialists In Quality Testing of Credit and Identification Cards Latest News

What Do We Do?

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